Science fiction and fantasy are some of my favourite genres, where I get to go to other unknown worlds that may not be so far from ours. They’re also not perfect or black and white, but maybe we can learn and understand something in them. Something that we can transfer to our reality. Maybe even in the stories I tell. And maybe that other world is just a few steps away, we just can’t see it.

I wrote the novel „Symbolion and the City without the Stars“ – a dystopic novel on the borderline of the mystery and science fiction. The novel has been translated into English and the e-book will soon come up on Amazon.com. Now, I’m now writing the second volume of the novel, in which I intend to conclude up the story of the interweaning of mysterious parallel worlds and of searching for an escape from Orwellian society. In Symbolionu, the Red Door is the gate between two dimensions – between the world in the City and the virtual world of Symbolion. This motive of the door also appears in my fantasy for children “The Magical gift and the Secret of the Tree Guardians“ – a story of a young witch who lives half in magical and half in human world. She is searching her magical gift to be accepted by other wizards as one of them. Crossing from one world into the other is easy. All you need to do is say a magic formula and draw a door  wirh chalk on the wall. That’s why every wizard who has visited the human world carries a chalk with him everywhere he goes. The upcoming fantasy for children is currently currently in the editing.

Writing and painting is interconnected for me because painting helps me sort out my thoughts and use better the imagination as well as with the atmosphere of the story during writing. I combine different techniques and lately I often use marker pens. My paintings lay somewhere between abstract painting and geometrical shapes and they may awaken your imagination. I paint for myself, some paintings can be found at SaatchiArt.com.

I prepare and write articles of journalistic and professional nature for the website ocdnet.cz, which is focused on supporting people diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The website was created during the COVID-19 epidemic, which was challenging for many people with psychological disabilities.

My surname, “Kršňák”, is an ancient Bohemian term for a left-handed person, which is literally suited to me, because I am a lefthander myself. And even though sometimes the whole world may seem „in the blue“ (as we say „on the left“), it’s always worth it when you can create and do something meaningful in it.