Why isn’t there the book yet?

So where does it tie up? Nowhere. My feet are on the table and I'm waiting :–〉 The cover of the book is the last piece of the mosaic - the last, but damn important one. My science fiction has a semi-dreamy, mysterious feel to it, and it's only now that…
| 10. 6. 2021

Novel review “Symbolion and City without stars”

Now, I am finishing the final touches of the e-book. The translation has been completed for a long time thanks to the translator Viktor Horák, in cooperation with the proofreader Pearl Harris. Review of Symbolion (   Now, I have finished partial adjustments in Czech, which were translated to English by…
| 27. 12. 2020

New painting “Matches“

When we are locked in a social bubble again, there is nowhere to rush. Still, painting something at the last minute can speed up your heart rate. This time, a made to order a gift, of course for Christmas. Acrylic dries quickly, and that’s what I need more than ever at…
| 17. 12. 2020
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