So where does it tie up? Nowhere. My feet are on the table and I’m waiting :–〉 The cover of the book is the last piece of the mosaic – the last, but damn important one. My science fiction has a semi-dreamy, mysterious feel to it, and it’s only now that I’ve discovered collages, which are exactly what I’ve been looking for all along. The atmosphere in German artist Stefan Keller’s collages simply captivated me.

I discovered his collages, paintings and drawings basically by accident and it literally changed my perspective on what a cover could look like. He works with „mirroring“ and I write about two worlds, two cities that are the same, yet each different because each is in a different dimension. The parallel worlds are intertwined and you can enter them with a playing card or a red door. Here we go again. I’m still standing by my red door :–〉

I was in contact with graphic designers and illustrators in the Czech Republic. Their work wasn’t bad, but it was always only partially close to my particular idea. But I am still open to cooperation. Now I have written to Mr. Keller, and of course I cannot judge how interesting he will find my offer for the book cover. Perhaps he won’t get back to me or will refuse. But that doesn’t change the fact that I have an idea about the cover and I’m one step further. Everything takes its time, and I’ve given so much of it to this book that I’ve learned to be patient. So I’m putting my feet up and waiting :–〉


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