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The cover image is out!

And it’s here! Yay! As usual, the beginning was not easy… I wrote to Mr. Keller several times, but unfortunately he didn’t get back to me. As I wrote in my last post, I still really like his collages, but what can you do. I went back to the DIY model and signed up for a Photoshop class in June. Admittedly, it took a while to get the basics down. Still, the thought of the red door hadn’t left me yet, so I at least had time to think about it, and finally the picture is up! The red door is important in the story. Rusty, a bit scratched and who would have expected to enter parallel worlds through it. I was trying to create a slightly mysterious atmosphere. I’ll leave it to you to judge how well it worked. You can see below what the final image was based on and how it was gradually created.

Final image for the book cover „Symbolion and City without Stars“


Default image / starting picture skol

I work only with the right side of the original image. The door is gradually coming into being, although it doesn’t look like it yet

Double decker, but I’m beginning to suspect that might not be the way to go…

Space looms, the first attempts at a picture of a door and the windows of a city glow in the background.

I don’t think green is the right color…

Finally, the red door

Regardless of the fact that I did the basics to my liking, I’m leaving the editing for the cover to a professional who will see what I can’t – the cutout, the transitions, the headline… It’s still a lot of work, but no one knows about you, no one is pressuring you. Walking the first path is the hardest, but maybe also the best?


Why isn’t there the book yet?

So where does it tie up? Nowhere. My feet are on the table and I’m waiting :–〉 The cover of the book is the last piece of the mosaic – the last, but damn important one. My science fiction has a semi-dreamy, mysterious feel to it, and it’s only now that…

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