Romana Krsnakova

Some might say that although these poems of mine are different, they are all the same. And they would be right:–〉 They are on the same theme, have a similar atmosphere, are short, untitled and don’t rhyme at all:–〉 I wrote them mostly in high school and I am no poet. Not then, not now. I’ve written a lot of them, but these are the ones I want to share. Maybe someone will feel something like I did back then and be pleased…






“  I’m waiting to appear in the fog

   Dissolving the colors of the night

   Day, like a curtain falling

   All my dreams hide from the sun

   From my heart I release you

   So you can find me yourself  „

“  Your magic is greater

   I recognize it now

   And I hope it’s you

   With my hands in my pocket, I’m doing a magic trick

   You’ll come again

   When I fall and break the air

   Then I’ll hear you  

   In the dark, the shadows fade

   My hands will spoil you

   Just a drop of blood on your mouth

   Won’t let me kiss you  „ 


“  Thorny roses swirl around my head

   The wind ruffles my hair

   You can’t hear it

   You’re trying to calm me down 

   But I live for the feeling

   The wind has stopped

   All the roses fell to the ground

  Now you touch me


   Death  „

“  Night Worlds

   She’s always been here

   Water that doesn’t fall from nowhere

   The light betrays me

   I’ve seen the truth

   Rays between the trees

   Who wants to know  

   I want to hide for all time where you’ll look for me

   A message sewn on my body

   Scars of mortality

   And just a step towards eternity  „

“  Every day is my day.

   I must sing. I like singing.

   Many songs are my life.

   But many people can speak only.

   Sometimes I can´t find words.

   Sometimes is bad and good the same.

   This time I must sing and iťs raining in this song.  

   But I feel – iťs well. 

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