Beware of angry badgers

There are days when you’d rather stay in bed. When the going gets tough, I remember a story from Mr. Zapletal’s book The Path of Courage to help me. True, not always:–〉 But always a little bit:–〉

A little scout called Hedgehog has to go through the Trail of Courage, a special camp trial for the most experienced boys to prove their courage and prowess. One whole day and night the little Scout is to be alone in the woods. On a lonely journey through the woods, Hedgehog feels fear and stumbles. Not seriously, but an injury it is. He remembers the envelope the Chief gave him before he left. It reads, IF YOU GET INTO BIG TROUBLE, SPILL IT! Hedgehog opens the envelope eagerly and reads:


„Dear friend, imagine that a minute ago an angry badger bit off your right hand. Your real troubles will seem just a little bit less. In any case, from now until the end of the day, do everything with your left hand. As if a badger had bitten your right hand off. Consider it part of the test you’re taking… „


Sometimes we just don’t see that we’re actually doing that badly and our problems aren’t as big as we perceive them to be at the time. Well, try doing everything with your left hand all day :–〉

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