The cover image is out!

The cover image is out! And it's here! Yay! As usual, the beginning was not easy... I wrote to Mr. Keller several times, but unfortunately he didn't get back to me. As I wrote in my last post, I still really like his collages, but what can you do. I went…
| 5. 10. 2021

Poems from school

Some might say that although these poems of mine are different, they are all the same. And they would be right:–〉 They are on the same theme, have a similar atmosphere, are short, untitled and don’t rhyme at all:–〉 I wrote them mostly in high school and I am no poet. Not…
| 24. 6. 2021

Intimate Coney Island of the MindIntimate

Intimate Coney Island of the MindIntimate Poems are always intimate, about something personal that touches us. More intimate than prose. How much intimacy can you bear to put on paper, let alone on a monitor screen? How much courage do you need before you show your poems to someone? True, of…
| 23. 6. 2021


Beware of angry badgers There are days when you'd rather stay in bed. When the going gets tough, I remember a story from Mr. Zapletal's book The Path of Courage to help me. True, not always:–〉 But always a little bit:–〉 A little scout called Hedgehog has to go through the…
| 14. 6. 2021

Why isn’t there the book yet?

So where does it tie up? Nowhere. My feet are on the table and I'm waiting :–〉 The cover of the book is the last piece of the mosaic - the last, but damn important one. My science fiction has a semi-dreamy, mysterious feel to it, and it's only now that…
| 10. 6. 2021
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