Romana lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic. She is devoted to writing. She wrote the novel Symbolion — a story on the borderline of mystery and science fiction. The novel was translated into English and is currently finding its path to the publisher.

In her writing, Romana was influenced by Ray Bradbury’s short stories and novels. Through his poetics, with which he wrote his timeless messages, he taught her to enjoy sci-fi (although he personally ranked his works in the fantasy genre).

Now she is writing fantasy for children - a story of a young witch who lives half in magical and half in human world. She is searching her magical gift to be accepted by other wizards as one of them. Crossing into one world or the other is easy. All you need to do is say a magic formula and draw a door. For instance, just into sand by your finger. That's why every wizard who has visited the human world carries a chalk with him everywhere he goes.
The motive of a door also appears in Symbolion where the “red door” is the gate  between two dimensions - between the world in the City and the virtual world of Symbolion.

Romana is also working on the second volume of Symbolion, in which she intends to conclude the story
of the search for an escape from the Orwellian society.

Romana is keen on painting. Writing and painting are interconnected for her. Painting helps her gather her thoughts. Also imaginations and ideas come while she paints and these she uses in her writing. She combines different techniques and completes with marker pens which bring dynamic line and suspense into the paintings. Therefore she creates pieces of work which lay somewhere between abstract style and geometrical shapes and they awaken your imagination.

Romana’s surname, “Kršňák”, is an ancient Bohemian term for a left-handed person, which literally suits her as she is left-handed herself. As she says, although the whole world is sometimes turned topsy-turvy, it seems more bearable if she can create.

She takes walks, photographs, she paints and writes original works. If you wish to peek into her world, you can see her paintings or visit the virtual world of Symbolion.